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735 apartments planned for Sunset and Western in East Hollywood

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Across the street from the stalled Target

Via Google Maps

Residents may have halted construction of the Target on Sunset and Western in East Hollywood, but that’s not stopping developers from trying to build other projects in the area.

A developer filed plans Tuesday for a big, multi-use complex at 5420 West Sunset Boulevard, a site that, for right now, holds a big surface parking lot and a Food 4 Less.

Under the plans, that site would give way to 735 apartments, 95,820 square feet of commercial uses, and 1,463 parking spaces. The developer is listed as James Smith.

The complex would top out at 75 feet, which is the maximum height allowed on the property. That’s 1 foot taller than the unfinished Target on the other side of Western.

The Target has sat dormant for three years. In 2014, a judge determined that city officials should not have let the store grow to 74 feet when height rules at that location limit shopping centers to 35 feet.

The unfinished Target.
Google Maps

Also at that intersection, a separate development would wipe out the giant WSS shoe store and bring nearly 300 apartments and new ground-floor retail above a “partially underground” parking structure.