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Formerly frozen-in-the-70s Los Feliz house returns after a thorough makeover

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Much more elegant (but also much less colorful)

Images courtesy of Michael Walker

Eyes were set a-poppin’ in the summer when this Los Feliz residence hit the market for the first time in four decades. Though built in 1929, the Spanish-style home had fallen deep into a 1970s time warp, its interior a psychedelic riot of gold paint, marbled mirrors, and technicolor carpet and wallpaper.

Despite being obscured by dated flair and deferred maintenance, the home’s good bones were still readily apparent, and it generated about 20 offers, ultimately trading hands for $1.35 million.

Seven months later, it has returned asking significantly more—$2.475 million—and looking significantly different.

Along with lovely original elements, including a magnesite staircase with wrought-iron railing, a grand Batchelder fireplace, hand-painted wooden beams, arched built-ins, and French doors and windows, the 2,890-square-foot residence has been done up with new oak floors, new lighting, a high-end kitchen, and ultra-fancy baths.

The backyard has also been totally revamped, with fresh landscaping, an outdoor fireplace, built-in BBQ, and pergola.

The 6,197-square-foot property also features a detached two-car garage and California basement. Open house will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.