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Runyon Canyon Park is now 15 acres larger

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Newly acquired space surrounds the infamous Pink Mansion

A view of Downtown LA from Runyon.
MILA Zed / Shutterstock

Nearly 15 acres of land will be added to Runyon Canyon Park, the city’s department of recreation and parks, the Trust for Public Land, and a handful of other partners announced today.

CBS2 says the 14.9-acre swath of land at 2450 Solar Drive cost $8.75 million. It includes land that’s already frequented by lots of hikers, because it’s close to the park and the line between public and private land isn’t clearly marked.

Not much will change—and that’s the point—to make sure it’s protected from possible development and kept as open space for the public, said Trust for Public Land project manager Becky Bremser.

A map of Runyon Canyon Park that shows the newly added land.
The orange area represents the land that was added to Runyon Canyon Park.
Courtesy of the Trust for Public Land

The parcel also includes the land on which a local landmark known as the Pink Mansion sits. The house, which dates to the 1990s, sold in 2014 to Michael Straumietis, CEO of Advanced Nutrients, which sells supplies for hydroponic weed growers. Straumietis appears to go by the nickname “Marijuana Don,” and has used the house to throw pot-themed parties. The house was not included in the purchase.

Bremser says sections of the new parkland that abut the mansion to the northwest and southwest will be owned and operated by the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority. The triangular sections to the east and southeast of the residence, including the knoll that serves as a popular destination for Runyon Canyon hikers, will be owned and operated by the city’s rec and parks department. Angelenos will have access to it all.

Runyon Canyon Park

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