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Wildly extravagant manor in the Hollywood Hills asks $5.25M

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Columns, chandeliers, and a 16th century staircase

Looking to make a real statement with your next real estate purchase? May we humbly submit this brightly-colored chateau in the Hollywood Hills for your consideration. Constructed in 1995, the 3,006-square-foot residence features neon blue shutters lining the exterior walls, and even less subdued design features on the interior.

Per the listing, the French Renaissance-inspired residence includes showy features like a 16th century marble staircase (apparently borrowed from an abbey in Spain), a 17th century fireplace, 19th century floors, and an 18th century Baccarat chandelier. There are also expansive murals, painted ceilings, and a different color scheme in nearly every room.

Other curiosities include stone columns, a wine cellar, a library (which appears to be outfitted with dummy books that disguise a pair of double doors), and a kitchen dumbwaiter.

The home is located just off Mulholland Drive northwest of the entrance to Runyon Canyon Park. Fortress-like enough to have been nicknamed “La Bastide” (French for either a country house or a walled town), the four-bedroom home makes the most of a relatively small 5,034-square-foot lot. The grounds also include a two-car garage, swimming pool, and pergola-shaded pool deck.

On and off the market for the past couple years, the house is now asking $5.25 million.