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Andaz West Hollywood opens suite designed by Jonathan Adler to benefit (RED)

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A ‘super-glam rock 'n' roll’ corner room 

The main room of the (RED) Suite at the Andaz.
Courtesy of Andaz West Hollywood

A colorful and sumptuous suite designed by Jonathan Adler debuts today at the Andaz West Hollywood with a portion of the booking proceeds going to (RED).

The Hollywood Reporter says that 30 percent of each booking for the room—a king suite on a corner of the hotel—will go to the nonprofit founded 11 years ago by U2 singer Bono and activist Bobby Shriver to help raise money to fund the fight against AIDS.

The red, white, and powder blue palette for the suite is combined with modern, metallic touches. “Opulent amounts of gold hardware and reflective gilt and glass or lucite lighting (lamps, chandeliers, sconces) ensure the space is totally glam, not Americana,” says the Reporter.

The suite’s bedroom features a beautiful, blue-velvet-covered bedframe and a gold-spattered ceiling. "I suppose most people wouldn’t wallpaper their ceiling, but they should,” Adler said.

Situated right on the Sunset Strip, the hotel was the “headquarters for rock debauchery in the Seventies,” says the Andaz’s site. Before it was rechristened the Andaz, it was officially a Hyatt that was often called the Riot Hyatt.

It’s pretty cool that the hotel where Led Zeppelin rented up whole floors for themselves and their entourage and where The Rolling Stones’s Keith Richards allegedly threw a TV out of a 10th floor window is now hosting a charity suite for an organization co-founded by a rock ‘n’ roll legend.

Adler definitely took the Andaz’s rowdy past into account when designing the suite. “The Andaz has a history of housing rock ’n’ rollers, so I wanted to create a suite that was louche and luxurious,” he said.

The suite will be open for “at least three years,” says THR. Packages for the room start at $519 a night.