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The city fielded 3,700 requests for pothole repairs last month

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Rain is wreaking havoc on LA’s streets

A recent spell of winter rains has been a godsend for parched Los Angeles, but while the added moisture is keeping the grass growing, it’s also doing a number on our already pothole-pocked streets.

KPCC is reporting the number of requests for pothole repairs received by the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services has quadrupled in the last month. With more rain on the way, the department is scrambling to fulfill it’s promise of repairing the holes within three business days.

In previous, drier winters, the Bureau of Street Services department would typically receive about 30 pothole repair requests a day. In December, that number jumped to about 50 a day, and in January the department was fielding nearly 150 requests daily. In total, 3,700 pothole repairs were requested in January alone.

To its credit, the Bureau of Street Services is handling the increased workload as best it can. Assistant Director Greg Spotts says his crews have been able to make about 85 percent of the repairs within four days. Spotts cites the addition of tablet technology with realtime updates in helping keep up with the deluge of repairs.