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LAX breaks ground on new concourse at Tom Bradley International Terminal

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12 new gates!

Courtesy of Gensler

Los Angeles World Airports, which operates Los Angeles International Airport, broke ground today on an addition to Tom Bradley International Terminal aimed at helping passengers get to and from planes more easily.

The project, called the Midfield Satellite Concourse, will connect to Tom Bradley by way of a tunnel with three sets of moving sidewalks.

The concourse will have 12 new gates, two of which will accommodate the girth of the new-generation Airbus 380 super jumbo and Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, 60,000 square feet of lounges, 44,000 square feet of food and shops, and two nursing rooms.

The concourse is needed in part because LAX doesn’t have enough spots big enough for those larger planes. Right now, when they come into LAX, they have to land at the airport’s remote gates. Once there, passengers have to exit the plane, then board a bus, traveling as far as 1.5 miles to Tom Bradley to retrieve their bags and go through customs.

The new concourse will also include a new baggage system and a tunnel for moving bags in and out of the area.

Corgan, in association with Gensler, is designing the new space. It’s set to be operational by 2019 and fully complete by 2020.

MSC escalators to tunnel.
The concourse’s central hall.