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Striking Brentwood steel and glass time capsule asks $1.7M

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Designed by Case Study architect Craig Ellwood

This impressive Brentwood home was designed in 1958 by Craig Ellwood, an untrained and unlicensed architect who nonetheless constructed some of Southern California’s most masterful modern residences—including three homes for Arts and Architecture’s influential Case Study program.

This particular house was not among Ellwood’s Case Study commissions, but, per the listing, it was featured in Architectural Review, which praised the home for its modern style and stunning views.

The black and white photos below were taken by noted photographer Marvin Rand shortly after the home’s completion, and the present day photos suggest that the house has been kept fairly well intact since then.

Built with a steel and glass design, the home extends out over the surrounding hillside dramatically. Shaped like a T, it provides panoramic views across the city and out to the Santa Monica Bay.

The two-bedroom home also includes interior wood-paneling, a striking red brick living room fireplace, vintage light fixtures, carport, and a gated front lawn. Situated on a 9,680-square-foot lot, the 1,550-square-foot home is asking $1.699 million.