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San Pedro’s historic Warehouse One could be redeveloped as a hotel or office space

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It would be part of larger revitalization efforts along the waterfront

View of Warehouse One mikepmiller | Curbed LA Flickr Pool

Big changes are on the way for San Pedro’s sleepy harbor area, and it’s looking like the redevelopment of a massive, century-old warehouse could be among them.

The Daily Breeze reports that city officials are weighing the possibility of allowing developers to repurpose the building as a hotel. Meanwhile, a recent report on the LA Waterfront prepared for the city’s Economic and Workforce Development Department and Council District 15 suggested that the building could be adaptively reused as office space.

The warehouse, which was completed in 1917, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Over the years, it’s served as a storage area for imports, a supply depot for naval ships, and a popular filming location for television shows.

Several potentially transformative projects have recently been proposed for the harbor area, including an overhaul of the aging Ports O’ Call complex and development of a massive, Gensler-designed marine research center called AltaSea. The waterfront report notes that these projects could draw millions of new visitors to the area, paving the way for further redevelopment.

Of course, the Breeze notes that Warehouse One’s future likely depends on the passage of Measure P, which would extend the length of Harbor Department leases from 50 to 66 years. A spokesperson for Councilmember Joe Buscaino, who reps San Pedro, says this change would help entice developers to take on ambitious projects, like an overhaul of the warehouse structure.

A new analysis of possible waterfront projects is set to be completed in July.