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7-story apartment project coming to Hollywood

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63 units on Sunset Boulevard

Commercial buildings on Sunset Google Maps

New apartments may soon be on the way to Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. As Urbanize LA reports, permits were recently filed with the city for construction of a seven-story mixed use development at 6007 West Sunset.

The project would replace a row of low-slung commercial buildings across the street from Emerson College’s flashy new Morphosis-designed campus. Plans call for 63 apartments above a parking structure and one level of commercial space. Additionally, the project would include a swimming pool on the fourth floor.

The project is being designed by architecture firm Shubin + Donaldson. Renderings spotted by Urbanize LA (but since removed from the firm’s website) show an orderly design with boxy units and floor-to-ceiling windows. The structure dips down on the western side, where the top level becomes the fourth-story pool deck, surrounded by a ring of commercial space.

Renderings also show several common areas, marked by yellow-colored walls and greenery, dispersed on multiple floors throughout the building.

Permits don’t specify a developer for the project, but property records show the project site was purchased in April of 2016 for $15.5 million.