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Take a video tour through the pedestrian portal opening up at 7th/Metro Center

The transit station is getting a direct connection to shopping at The Bloc

A new pedestrian tunnel that will connect the 7th/Metro Center station to shops at the The Bloc is scheduled to open next week, and thanks to a short video from Metro, you can get an idea of how the portal will link the two.

The new tunnel will give shoppers at The Bloc direct access to the 7th/Metro Center station, which is across the street, without having to cross Seventh Street as they do now. (The the station’s exits are on the north side of the street; The Bloc is on the south side.)

The Bloc, a reworking of the monolithic, brick-clad Macy’s shopping center that occupied the site before, reopened in the summer as an open-air retail plaza. The Macy’s and a Sheraton hotel remained in the complex, but new restaurants and shops have moved in and, eventually, an indie Alamo Drafthouse movie theater will open.

The tunnel is scheduled to open February 7, but take a look around inside right now: