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Big mixed use project would bring a lot more housing north of the Arts District

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430 units of housing on a blocks-long strip of riverfront property

Large brick structure in Arts District Google Maps

Yet another major new mixed use development could be headed to the Arts District—or at least the general area. Plans filed with the city Wednesday call for a new development with 430 units of housing and 8,742 square feet of retail space just above the First Street Bridge.

Forty-seven of those units would be set aside for very low-income occupants and the plans note that the developer will preserve some existing office buildings on the massive project site. Stretching multiple blocks from First Street to Jackson, the area is currently occupied by several aging storage and manufacturing structures—at least one dating back to the 1880s.

While not technically within the boundaries of the Arts District, the riverfront project is one of many in the area repurposing old industrial parcels as housing and shopping. The development site is, in fact, just across the bridge from One Santa Fe, and it occupies a similarly elongated chunk of territory.

It’s also just a few blocks from the Little Tokyo/Arts District Metro stop (and immediately adjacent to a possible Arts District station at First Street that could be constructed in the future).