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14 must-follow Instagram accounts for LA lovers

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It’s easy to make fun of our phone addictions, of the self-serving satisfaction of posting selfies and photos of our dinners and dogs. But here’s why I love Instagram: Not only does it allow me to keep up with the daily routines of my friends and their adorable pets, my feed is filled with glorious images—captured by supremely talented photographers—of the city I love.

When I’m trapped at my desk and tethered to my computer, scrolling through shots of foamy waves, the sun setting over the Griffith Observatory, colorful murals in Thai Town, and the curves of the Walt Disney Concert Hall is an invigorating, inspiring escape.

Here are 14 of my favorite accounts, highlighting photographers who focus on landscape, architecture, and the built environment.


вrιgнтer daze

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i bet nobody has ever seen a picture of this spot before...//

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✨ #shotoniphone

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Concrete Jungle with: @asteryx @eye.sick_ @shutter_doll @paolo.fortades

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from one of my 'get lost on purpose' drives through the hollywood hills . #lovesongforLA

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Rainy in LA today so here is an epic sunset from last week.

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"I do what I do best: I take scores. You do what you do best: Try to stop guys like me" #streets_vision5k

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