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Hotel with ground-floor restaurant planned for Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood

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Eleven stories and a rooftop pool

7225 West Sunset Boulevard
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Plans were filed Monday for an 11-story hotel on Sunset Boulevard, west of La Brea Avenue, adding to the hotel boom in Hollywood that apparently won’t ever end.

Many of the hotels planned or under construction right now in Hollywood are clustered around Vine Street, east of La Brea.

But this hotel is proposed for 7225 West Sunset Boulevard, at the corner of Poinsettia Place, and it would include a restaurant on the ground floor, rooftop pool and lounge, four levels of underground parking, plus 93 guest rooms.

There are a couple of businesses on the site now, including a dry cleaners and smoke shop. Before construction could begin, the developer, who is not named in the plans, needs several approvals from the city, including a zoning and height district change.

There’s word yet on which brand will operate the hotel or who’s designing it.