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Old East Hollywood church is converting to offices

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It might even have some stained glass

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A church at the corner of Alexandria Avenue and Sunset Boulevard is headed down the bumpy road of adaptive reuse. The Los Angeles Business Journal reports that developer Robert Herscu is working on fixing up the structure so that it can be used as office space.

In addition to the expected hurdles of of refurbishing a 1925 church, such as structural issues and making up for years of deferred maintenance, Herscu has clashed with some local preservationists who want the church’s stained glass windows kept intact.

City planners had told Herscu to keep the stained glass, but the developer had briefly secured a permit to remove them from the Department of Building and Safety. He removed a few of windows before the permit—which the department said had been issued erroneously—was revoked.

The Business Journal says Herscu’s issue with the windows is that “the religious imagery will make it difficult to lease the space.” He has a meeting with the Central Los Angeles Planning Commission to determine whether he can remove the colorful glass windows.

Though there’s no clear timeline for the project, the Business Journal says the developer is “putting finishing touches on the Sunset property” and expects to have an easy time finding a household-name tenant.

Herscu, a veteran of adaptive reuse projects, wrapped another conversion on Cahuenga near Melrose, this time turning three warehouses into creative office space, The Real Deal reported.