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Pedestrian-friendly improvements coming to Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista

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High-visibility crossings and new pedestrian signals

Bike lane on Venice Boulevard
The Great Streets Initiative on Venice Boulevard is making the thoroughfare friendlier for bicyclists and pedestrians.
Courtesy of the mayor’s office

City leaders broke ground today on a round of updates to Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista that include new crosswalks with signals and pedestrian head starts, as part of the city’s ongoing Great Streets initiative, says an announcement from Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office.

The city’s Great Streets initiative has been bringing pedestrian- and bike-friendly makeovers—via the addition of plazas, street furniture, bike lanes, and improved crosswalks—to streets across the city since early 2015.

"Residents and merchants alike are clamoring to make downtown Mar Vista a local gathering place ... the new pedestrian crossings will make it safer and easier for everyone to cross the street and enjoy both sides of Venice Boulevard,” said Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin, who reps the neighborhood.

When complete, the Venice Boulevard makeover will include:

  • Four new pedestrian crossings with signals at Mountain View Avenue, Ocean View Avenue, Boise Street and Meier Street
  • Pedestrian head-start crossings at Venice Boulevard intersections with Beethoven Street, Meier Street, Wade Street, Boise Avenue, Centinela Avenue, Ocean View Avenue, Grand View Avenue, Mountain View Avenue, and Inglewood Boulevard
  • High visibility crosswalks along the boulevard

These additions are also aimed at helping the city achieve its Vision Zero goal, which seeks to end all traffic-related deaths by 2025.

These safer crossings are just the beginning. As Streetsblog LA notes, there’s a plan to eventually bring protected bike lanes to this section of Venice.