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Take a tour of Burbank’s new Ikea—the biggest in the U.S.

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It opens next week

Ikea under construction Photo by Hunter Kerhart/Los Angeles Architecural Photographer

Burbank’s new Ikea—set to be the largest in the U.S.—will open next week, and ABC7 toured the enormous new home furnishing store, giving us all our first look inside.

Under construction since 2015, the store holds a 600-seat restaurant and roughly 30 times the demo rooms as Burbank’s other location in the Burbank Town Center retail center. (That store, which is about one mile away, is still open for a few more days.) The giant new store will also have parking for 1,700 cars.

It’s hard to get a sense of its enormity in the video tour, but at 456,000 square feet, the new Ikea will be almost twice as big as the old Ikea.

When the massive new Ikea officially opens at 9 a.m. Wednesday, February 8, expect a crowd—the store’s manager told ABC7 that the first 26 people in line get a leather sofa, and the next 100 people in line get a free Ikea chair.

The old Ikea on Third Street near Burbank Boulevard will close for good this Saturday, February 4. It’s set to be be replaced by housing as part of a large-scale plan to redevelop the Burbank Town Center shopping center and turn it into a mixed-use complex with 765 multi-family units, 70 for-sale homes, an open-air plaza, and 40,000 square feet of new space for retail.