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Photographer captures the artistry and impact of architect Paul R. Williams

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Janna Ireland spent a year shooting the prolific architect’s work

Janna Ireland

Born in Los Angeles in 1894 and orphaned four years later, Paul Revere Williams would go on to make an indelible impact on his hometown’s landscape, designing thousands of buildings, from public housing projects to lavish movie-star mansions, during his five-decade-long career.

Williams’ remarkable legacy is the subject of photographer Janna Ireland’s new exhibit, opening Saturday at Woodbury University’s Hollywood Boulevard outpost.

The culmination of a year-long project, There is Only One Paul R Williams showcases black-and-white images taken of private residences the architect designed in Hancock Park, Brentwood, La Cañada, Los Feliz, Lafayette Square, and Beverly Hills, as well as such public structures as the Al Jolson Memorial Shrine, the First AME Church of Los Angeles, and the Golden State Mutual Building.

Ireland’s photographs will be on display from December 9 through January 21. The WUHO gallery is free and open to the public Thursday through Sunday.

Photo by Janna Ireland