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Wild Covina mansion with a pirate’s cove and a horse barn asks $5.6M

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Perfect for your inner child

Are you a very wealthy eight-year-old? Or perhaps just a child at heart? If so, this zany Covina estate might just be the house of your dreams.

The 7,238-square-foot home is rich with amenities, from the double-height living room to the cavernous master bathroom complete with a stone shower and a fireplace. But it’s the pool that’s the real selling point.

One of the most elaborate residential pools we’ve seen, it boasts multiple channels, islands, bridges, and waterfalls, along with a hot tub and a tree-shaped waterslide. The pool deck is outfitted with an array of props—from a ship’s mast and steering wheel to a mining cart to a sword in the stone statue. There’s even a large pool house with castle-like turrets and a full outdoor kitchen and bar.

Inside, the four-bedroom residence is every bit as whimsical, with themed rooms (one of the 6.5 bathrooms has a winter in Paris motif), dramatic lighting fixtures, and silly features like a tiny—but fully furnished—room cut out into a wall (it’s for mice).

In addition to the pool, the rambling grounds include a horse riding arena and barn, as well as garage space for 11 vehicles.

The house appeared on the market in 2014 seeking $6.3 million. Now it’s back with a $5.588 million price tag.