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Curbed Cup 2017: Nominate this year's best Los Angeles neighborhood!

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It’s time to decide which LA neighborhood reigns supreme

Curbed Cup celebrates local pride and civic developments.

What’s the best neighborhood in all of La La Land? We’re looking for 16 good ’hoods to place in the 10th annual Los Angeles rendition of Curbed Cup, a bracket-style competition that lets readers vote for the LA neighborhood that made the biggest impact in 2017.

The competition celebrates local pride as much as it does civic developments, think: new community gardens, affordable housing projects, bike paths, parks. Past winners have included Leimert Park, Glendale, Atwater Village, and Downtown LA’s Historic Core.

Before the voting can begin, we need nominations. That’s where you come in. Post a comment below or send us an email telling us which neighborhood deserves the title of Curbed LA’s 2017 Neighborhood of the Year.

Is the restaurant scene under discovered by rabid foodies? Are the homes simply gorgeous? Whatever it is, we want to know what happened in 2017 that sets your preferred neighborhood apart.

Don’t be afraid to get very specific, how about, for example, Franklin Village? Ocean Park? Sawtelle? No matter your nomination, be sure to tell us what makes the area worthy of the crown jpeg.

Give us the insider’s scoop, and it could be the reason your neighborhood takes the title in 2017.