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Six-story apartment complex planned near Venice Boulevard in Palms

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The project would bring 74 new units of housing to the area

View of project site
The project would replace several smaller structures at 3739 South Cardiff Avenue.
Google Maps

A row of single-family homes and a small triplex in Palms may soon be replaced with a six-story apartment complex, according to plans filed last week with the Los Angeles city planning department.

Located just off Venice Boulevard at 3739 South Cardiff Avenue, the project would add 74 new units of housing above an underground parking garage.

Property records show that the cluster of homes that would be razed to make way for the project were all purchased within the last year, and that an Ellis Act application was filed in February to remove the units in the triplex from the rental market.

Some of the apartments in the new building would be affordable, as the developer (listed as Frame DTCC, LLC) plans to take advantage of new incentives meant to spur the creation of affordable housing in areas close to transit stops. Less than two blocks from a bus stop, the project site is also roughly a half-mile from two different stops on Metro’s Expo Line.

It’s not clear yet exactly how many units would be affordable and what income level residents would need to earn in order to live in them.

It’s no Koreatown, but the Palms area has seen a bit of new development since the Expo Line extension opened last year. Less than a mile from this project, another six-story complex is in the works near the Sony Pictures Studios lot. Yet another six-story development would bring 41 units to Overland Avenue.