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Six-story apartment project proposed near Expo Line stop in Sawtelle

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It would use LA’s new affordable housing incentives

View of project site
The project would rise at 12300 West Pico Boulevard.
Google Maps

A six-story apartment complex may be on the way to Pico Boulevard, just two blocks south of the Expo/Bundy light rail stop in Sawtelle.

Planned for 12300 West Pico Boulevard, the project would rise from the site of what’s now an adult bookstore, bringing 65 units of housing to the area.

Taking advantage of new incentives for projects close to transit lines, the developer plans to set aside 10 units in the building for tenants earning under half of the area’s median income. That will allow the project to be 70 percent more dense and two stories higher than zoning rules would allow if there were no affordable housing.

Plans filed with the city last week show that the project would also include ground-floor retail space, though its not clear exactly how much.

One of many projects popping up along the recently extended Expo Line, this development is just down the road from a 100-unit complex that broke ground earlier this year and directly across the street from a recently-opened apartment building with 95 units.