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Paul R. Williams’ family residence in Lafayette Square hits the market for first time, asking $2.395M

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It’s a Los Angeles landmark

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #170, the Paul R. Williams Residence
Photos by Benny Chan, courtesy of Deasy/Penner

On the heels of the opening of a new photo exhibit celebrating the work of Paul Revere Williams comes news that the International modern-style home the pioneering architect designed for himself and his family has just hit the market for the first time.

Williams designed the house, located on a gated street in the Lafayette Square Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, in 1951, and lived there until his death in 1980. As the Paul R. Williams Project notes, the two-story home’s “clean lines, smooth outer skin, soft interior architectural curves and space for extensive indoor/outdoor living illustrated his personal design taste in California living.”

Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 170, it served not only as the Williams family residence, but also as the site of numerous grand society events. In recent years, it’s been home to Williams’ granddaughter, Karen Hudson, author of three books about the architect and his work.

Measuring 4,440 square feet, the home has four bedrooms and five baths. Features include a glamorous Art Deco-style staircase, soffit ceilings, built-in furniture, a green-marble fireplace, an original St. Charles kitchen, a wrap-around roof terrace, and an expansive lanai patio.

The property also contains a guest house with full bath, living room bar, and powder room.

On an 11,923-square-foot lot, it’s listed with an asking price of $2.395 million.