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Take a tour of designer Nate Berkus’s Hancock Park home

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The 1928 Spanish Colonial looks totally fresh

Brent and Poppy.
Jeremiah Brent and daughter Poppy inside their madeover kitchen.
Photos by Douglass Friedman, courtesy of Architectural Digest

Oprah-approved designer Nate Berkus and his husband, designer Jeremiah Brent, only recently moved into their nearly 9,000-square-foot Hancock Park house and were happy to find that it didn’t need a major overhaul.

“It had been looked after. All we really needed to do was give it a cosmetic makeover—the perfect assignment for two decorators,” Berkus tells Architectural Digest.

Built in 1928, their Spanish Colonial features a sweeping staircase with its original wrought-iron balustrade, stunning ceilings (from coffered to groin vaulted), and great sunlight in every room.

The Berkus-Brent duo’s light renovations included installing antique marble, redo the kitchen with all new fixtures, install some antique fireplace mantels, and, of course, furnish the place.

“We go for a very clean, masculine look. We don’t like to live with a lot of color,” Brent tells AD.

Now, the house, which initially seemed over-the-top expansive to the couple, is full of rooms that seem tailored to the pair and their young daughter, Poppy. (Poppy’s room is “the one exception to the rainbow-of-beige rule” that guides the rest of the residence’s decor.)

In the yard, a 200-year-old oak tree seals the deal for Berkus and Brent. “We pictured Poppy, and eventually the rest of our family, playing under that tree, and we thought this was a place we could put down roots,” Brent says.