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One-of-a-kind Chesterfield Square home wants preservation-minded buyer for $579K

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Built in 1926 and featuring a tower and stained glass windows

By Jean-Claude Vorgeack, courtesy of Jeffrey Copeland

This isn’t a storybook-style house, but it does look straight out of a fairytale. That’s thanks to its big tower beset with stained glass windows and a bit of Spanish Churrigueresque ornamentation.

“It’s one of a kind,” says owner Audrey Earkman.

She bought the property abutting Chesterfield Square Park, southwest of 54th Street and Western Avenue in South Los Angeles, 17 years ago, because she was drawn to those charming details, hold-outs from its 1926 construction date.

The home was in disarray, “like a grand old lady who lost her luster,” but she brought it back to life. Earkman has since relocated to South Carolina, and she’s looking for a preservation-minded buyer who will enjoy the home as much as she has.

It measures 1,610 square feet and comes in at three bedrooms and 1.5 baths in two stories, plus a fenced-in backyard. The tower holds the living room and the master bedroom, both of which mirror the tower’s hexagon shape.

The property is zoned R4, meaning the house could be torn down and redeveloped with more housing, and that scares Earkman.

“Everybody who sells a home wants to be compensated for it appropriately,” she says. “I would appreciate it more if someone who would enjoy that home the same way I have would be able to get that home.”

Last sold in 2000 for $118,500, it’s now on the market for $579,000.