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New luxury apartments to rise next to Hollywood’s Lombardi House

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The complex would bring 86 new units to Hollywood and Bronson

Rendering of Lombardi apartments
The development would rise next to the Lombardi House, a popular wedding venue.
Renderings courtesy M Capital Partners

A new residential development is on the way to Hollywood, set to bring 86 luxury apartments just north of the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Bronson Ave.

The new project is being developed by M Capital Partners, the firm that owns the Lombardi House, one of the neighborhood’s oldest residences and a popular wedding and events venue. The apartment complex is set to rise right next to the Lombardi House, and will even be called the Lombardi.

According to the developer’s website, the new apartments will have a “Victorian-inspired” design to complement the 113-year-old house next door. Renderings, however, show a fairly contemporary looking structure with glass walls and rectangular balconies. The building is being designed by Steinberg Architects.

Alexander Massachi, son of M Capital Partners founder Albert Massachi, tells Curbed that amenities for residents will include a pool and lounge area, while the new building will be topped with a pair of two-story penthouse units that each offer access to a private rooftop deck.

In order to construct the new complex, the developer plans to demolish a pair of existing apartment buildings with a combined 16 units that now stand on the project site. Records show that applications were filed in May of last year to remove those buildings from the rental market (and evict any tenants) under the terms of California’s Ellis Act.

Massachi says the project is being constructed by-right and that work should begin on the new complex in January.

Rendering of Lombardi apartments at night