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Take a look at LAX’s new Midfield Satellite Concourse, now under construction

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The $1.6-billion project will add 12 new gates to the Tom Bradley International Terminal

In the midst of a major overhaul, LAX will soon get a new concourse serving the Tom Bradley International Terminal, and a flashy new video explains how the latest development at the busy airport will work.

Set to add 12 new gates, the concourse is under construction now a little to the west of the existing terminal, which was itself reconstructed several years ago. The new addition, called the Midfield Satellite Concourse, will be connected to the rest of the terminal via a 1,000-foot tunnel with moving walkways to quickly ferry passengers to and from their gates.

Sporting a glassy design with a wavy roofline complementing the current concourse’s swooping shape, the new structure will also bring new shopping and dining options to the airport, along with waiting areas equipped for working and a few spots where pets can use the bathroom before or after a long flight.

Construction began on the $1.6 billion concourse in February, and is expected to wrap up by the end of 2019—the same year that Metro’s Crenshaw/LAX Line is set to debut. The train won’t fully connect passengers to the airport until 2023 though, when a new people mover system makes its debut.