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Petite blue Eagle Rock bungalow with detached garage space seeks $659K

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720 square feet just off York Boulevard

Courtesy of Alison Gilbert/Alison Properties

Built in 1927, this Eagle Rock bungalow sits just off York Boulevard on a nice residential street. The two-bedroom house has wood floors, a bright living room, an ample dining area, and a kitchen with decent counter space.

The bedrooms look to get plenty of sunlight. In the rear yard, there’s a patio for outdoor dining and a small seating area between the house and the detached garage. The garage has been set up as a kind of studio, but could easily revert to storage space.

The house is in the hilly area near where Eagle Rock Boulevard meets York Boulevard, putting it freeway close (to the 2 Freeway) and a short distance from Highland Park and Occidental College.

Last sold in 2008 for $405,000, the house is now listed for $659,000.