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Here’s a look at the entire route for Metro’s Gold Line extension to Montclair

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12.3 miles and six new stops

Metro’s Gold Line keeps stretching farther and farther east, and work is set to begin this weekend on an extension of the light rail route all the way to the Pomona Valley.

To give a sense of how much ground the 12.3-mile addition will cover, the Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority has released a new video following the entire course of the route and highlighting where six new stations will be added.

Those new stops will service Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona, Claremont, and Montclair.

The final stretch of the line, which extends into San Bernardino County, will be funded by the county’s Transportation Authority. Most of the remaining money for the $1.5 billion project will come through Measure M dollars approved by LA County voters last year.

One thing highlighted by the video is just how far apart many of the new stations will be. That will make it all the more important for Metro and local transit agencies to provide new ways to ferry riders to and from their stops.

Though construction on the project will officially kick off Saturday, it will be a while before riders can make use of the fully extended rail line. Metro expects that work on the new extension will finish up by 2026, with the new stations opening the following year.