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88 condos planned for Baldwin Hills would start at $400K

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Near Kenneth Hahn State Park

Via The Bedford Group

Baldwin Hills has some lovely, landmarked Village Green condos near its northern border, and, now, on the neighborhood’s southern end, Los Angeles developers the Bedford Group want to build a new 88-unit condo complex, Urbanize LA says.

The complex, called View at Overhill, would take the form of two five-story buildings, holding one-, two-, and three-bedroom models. A swimming pool, resident clubhouse, and “business center” would be part of the complex. The development would also be near the southern end of Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area.

A brochure for the development says the residences will measure between 1,288 and 2,400 square feet, with prices in $400,000 and $500,000 range. Architecture firm Michael Luna & Associates is designing the project.

The project seems to be facing some community opposition, as a petition to allow the developers to build the project suggests. Introducing the petition, a webpage on the developers’ site explains: sharing our vision of The View with neighboring residents, we have come to learn of some of their concerns and misperceptions about what we are building, and who we are building for. As a result, we have developed this page to not only address those concerns, but to also garner your support for the development of The View on Overhill.