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Rihanna already selling a Beverly Grove home she bought in August

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The singer has had a tough time in the LA real estate market

View of house from sidewalk
Built in 1926, the Spanish-style residence has been significantly updated in recent years.
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Less than three months after purchasing a swank Spanish-style residence in Beverly Grove, pop superstar Rihanna is parting ways with the five-bedroom home, according to Variety.

Property records show that the house was purchased in August for $2.75 million, and it’s now re-listed with a $2.85 million asking price.

It’s not clear why the property is returning to market so quickly after its last sale. Could Rihanna be getting into the house flipping game?

If so, she’s off to a rather inauspicious start; though it’s been restaged, the home hasn’t been visibly remodeled or updated since its last sale, and the new price is only a slight increase over what Rihanna paid in August.

Built in 1926, the residence was updated prior to a sale several years ago. It boasts high-end appliances, newer floors and countertops, and a back house with a large concrete-floored lounge and an upstairs bedroom. The bedrooms in the main residence all have en-suite bathrooms and open to outdoor spaces.

Sitting on a lot just over 6,000 square feet in size, the house is fronted by a tall fence and hedges. In the back is a small swimming pool.

Rihanna has been active in the Los Angeles real estate market for a while now—with mixed results. In 2012, she took a nearly $2 million loss on an eight-bedroom home in Beverly Crest that had persistent leaks. The same year, the singer moved into a mansion in Pacific Palisades, only to leave after encountering problems with stalkers on the premises.