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Weed shops, lounges, delivery services can apply for licenses in WeHo starting in January

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The city is bracing for the legalization of recreational pot sales

West Hollywood city council approves ordinance allowing recreational marijuana businesses to operate in the city.
West Hollywood’s well on its way to having permitted recreational weed shops, smoking lounges, and delivery services operating within its boundaries.
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The city of West Hollywood will start accepting applications in January from businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to open weed shops, pot delivery services, and smoking lounges, WeHoville reports.

Under an ordinance adopted last week, the city will dole out eight licenses each for retail sales, medical dispensaries, cannabis smoking lounges attached to cannabis stores, and lounges attached to cannabis stores where cannabis-laced candies, brownies and other edibles can be consumed, according to Wehoville. (A plan for the latter is already in the works at The Standard on the Sunset Strip.)

Under California law, those businesses must then acquire state permits before they can open. The state will start issuing licenses for recreational marijuana businesses for the first time starting January 1.

Even though California voters approved the legalization of recreational marijuana (for everyone 21 years and older) last November, state law “gives cities and counties first say as to whether cannabis businesses will be allowed in their borders.” According to the Orange County Register, those that do allow it, have to issue local licenses to retailers, and some cities, like West Hollywood, are farther along than others.

WeHoville says applicants in West Hollywood will be evaluated by a city committee that will look at criteria that includes “demonstration that the cannabis offered for sale is of high quality, providing a living wage and benefits to employees ... [and having] a strong security program.”

City officials anticipate “licensing and application revenue” of $400,000 to $500,000 next year, according to WeHoville.

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