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Taylor Swift fences off historic Goldwyn Estate in Beverly Hills

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No peeking into the newly landmarked mansion

View of Goldwyn Estate
The front gate of the 1934-built mansion has been topped with tall privacy fences.
Photos courtesy of Marc Angeles and Nick Springett

Now officially a Beverly Hills city landmark, Taylor Swift’s two-acre property once owned by legendary film producer Samuel Goldwyn is getting a little trickier to spot from the street.

As TMZ reports, Swift installed imposing security fences around the historic home earlier this month and obtained permits for new walls around the grounds. They’ll keep the six-bedroom home hidden from the prying eyes of overzealous fans and architectural tourists alike (the pretty Georgian-style mansion was designed in 1934 by architect Douglas Honnold, who later collaborated with John Lautner on the Googie-style Coffee Dan’s restaurants).

Declared a landmark in April, the house was owned by the Goldwyn family until Swift purchased it in 2015 for $25 million. Over the years, it’s hosted screen legends like Clark Gable, Marlene Dietrich, and Charlie Chaplin.

Will all that new fencing mask future renovations to the home? Maybe, but under Beverly Hills historic preservation rules, landmark status for the home (which will entitle Swift to some nice tax breaks) should subject any work on the house to a bit more scrutiny from the city’s Cultural Heritage Commission.

Photos from TMZ suggest the house has largely disappeared from public view, so here are a couple images of what the estate looked like just before Swift moved in.

Aerial view of Goldwyn/Swift estate
View from the tennis court of the Goldwyn/Swift estate