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1980s office building in Beverly Hills could get a showy update

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Classy and glassy

Renderings via city of Beverly Hills

A nondescript office building on Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills is in line for a flashy, glassy makeover, Urbanize LA reports. Details for the reboot were laid out in environmental documents filed with the city of Beverly Hills.

Plans call for expanding the building, constructed in 1989 and designed by architect Gin Wong, by two additional stories, transforming the existing three-story building into a five-story structure. The added stories would create roughly 50,000 square feet of new office space.

The Gensler-led redesign would also add a lot more glass to the building and offer visibility where there is currently none, as in the case of replacing the black glass around the building’s prominent rotunda with “curved frameless glazing with an internal spiraling staircase.”

The property owners, an LLC called 100 North Crescent, want new landscaping and a refresh of the nearby Crescent Drive Mini Park as part of the project too. Construction could begin as soon as 2019, planning documents say.

The building as it looks today.
Via Google Maps