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This Thanksgiving could be the hottest ever in LA

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Temperatures in some areas are expected to hit the low 90s

Aerial view of LA with sun gleaming off buildings
In Downtown LA, a forecasted high of 90 degrees would tie a Thanksgiving record set in 1903.
Chones | Shutterstock

Hoping for some crisp, autumnal weather this Thanksgiving? You’re not likely to find it in Los Angeles, according to predictions from the National Weather Service. This November 23 is forecasted to be the hottest in nearly 85 years, and could even break temperature records in much of the LA area.

The Thanksgiving Day heat record (a different number since the holiday falls on a different date each year) is also vulnerable.

The Weather Service forecast notes that the hottest Turkey Day recorded in Downtown Los Angeles was in 1903, when the temperature climbed all the way to 90 degrees. With a 90 degree high projected for Thursday, that record could be tied at the very least.

The projected temperature is also only 1 degree below the record high of 91 degrees for November 23, set in 1933.

Other parts of LA could get even hotter. Temperatures in Burbank and Woodland Hills are forecasted to peak in the low 90s, with records falling in both areas. Historic highs for November 23 could also be surpassed in Long Beach, Palmdale, and Lancaster.

The average high for November 23 is just 71 degrees in Los Angeles, according to AccuWeather.

With sunny skies forecasted, the weather will work well for those hitting the road Wednesday or Thursday—though traffic probably won’t be as cooperative.

Relief from the high temperatures is projected to arrive over the weekend, as a high-pressure ridge over the area moves southward and a cooling trough approaches from the west.