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Scorched trees in La Tuna Canyon will be decorated with ribbons of gold

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It’s a new art installation from the anonymous Griffith Park teahouse artists

A golden vein cuts through a tree burned by the LA Tuna Canyon fire.
Courtesy of Los and Found LA

The anonymous artists who created the ephemeral and mysterious Griffith Park teahouse have a new public installation in the works in the area where the La Tuna Canyon fire burned in September.

The installation, called “Lost and Found LA,” will transform burned trees along a walking trail in the La Tuna Canyon. The trees will be decorated with golden veins, in the style of a Japanese art form that involves “repairing broken pottery by filling cracks with lacquer dusted with gold,” says an announcement from the artists. The gold will be applied with natural beeswax and pigments, a rep for the artists tells Curbed.

Handmade furniture, also featuring golden accents, will be placed along the path offering observers a place to sit and consider the installation.

By celebrating the flaws of these charred trees, the installation “reflects on the fragility of the environment, while also alluding to the ever-renewing forces of nature and recovery.”

“Lost and Found LA” is free to attend and is not ticketed. The exhibit will run from November 4 to November 12 and is only open during the daytime. The best viewing hours are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with full sun being the best condition to see the installation.

The exact location of the project will be announced on Friday, November 3 on the artists’ website and Instagram.