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The Standard Hollywood opening a shop for fancy weed edibles in its lobby

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The shop should open on the Sunset Strip in “early 2018”

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Weed edibles maker Lord Jones will open a shop in the Standard Hotel on the Sunset Strip to sell everything from delectable treats infused with THC to “topicals” like lotion, the Los Angeles Times reports. They might even sell actual weed you can smoke.

There are still plenty of hoops to jump through before potent weed caramels can be yours.

West Hollywood is still in the process of approving its license process, says Wehoville. The shop will also need a state license. “California has a dual-licensing program,” Lord Jones founder and CEO Robert Rosenheck told the Times, “which means you need to have a local license as a prerequisite for applying for a state license, and you need both to operate.”

The shop will occupy about 300 square feet along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, just to the right of the hotel’s main entrance, says the Times.

The Standard is working on opening a store inside the Downtown Standard as well, though a rep for The Standard says they expect the process to take longer in the city of Los Angeles. “The light is not quite as bright at the end of the tunnel in Los Angeles,” Rosenheck said. “West Hollywood’s much further along in [drafting] their ordinance.”