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Bike hub opens at Union Station tomorrow

Secure storage for almost 200 bikes

Courtesy of Metro

Union Station is upping its bike game. A big, new bike hub will open Wednesday at the Downtown transportation center, The Source reports.

Metro’s already got bike hubs in Hollywood and El Monte, but this one is the biggest, with room for 192 bikes.

All that bike parking will be a secure way for transit riders to store their bicycles, potentially eliminating the need for hub members to take their bikes aboard buses and trains departing from Union Station.

The bike hub will also provide real-time information for buses and trains (including Amtrak and Metrolink) arriving and departing the station, and, during staffed hours, will have bike repairs and a retail shop.

The hub will offer secure access to paid members 24/7. Seven-day passes cost $5. A 30-day pass is $12, and a one-year pass is $60.

A grand opening is set for 9 a.m. Wednesday. This is the second Metro bike hub to open this year, and there are additional hubs planned in Culver City and at the Blue Line’s Willowbrook/Rosa Parks station.