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See P-22 enjoy a casual stroll down a Los Feliz street

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The local celebrity was caught on security cam footage

P-22 the local mountain lion made his way out of the park and onto our street on Sunday night. Yikes!

A post shared by Scott Hofman (@scotthofman) on

Here’s an exciting bulletin for anyone who’s been wondering how Griffith Park’s most famous resident, the mountain lion known as P-22, has been faring lately.

Earlier this week, Los Feliz resident Scott Hofman shared a video to Nextdoor of the elusive puma out for an evening constitutional along his street, not far from the Crystal Springs Drive entrance to Griffith Park.

According to Hofman’s post, P-22’s outing took place last month and was witnessed by a neighbor who happened to be looking out his window when the cougar sauntered by. On his neighbor’s suggestion, Hofman checked his security-cam footage, which showed P-22 emerging from the park only a few minutes after a couple with a toddler in a stroller had exited.

Now approximately eight years old, the celebrity cougar—subject of a recent documentary, The Cat That Changed America—looks to be fairly robust and well-fed in the footage. And demonstrating his well-honed survival skills, he keeps his urban excursion short, slinking back into the familiar confines of the park within three minutes.