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Midcentury fixer in Hermon is brimming with potential for $549K

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This place could be great

Courtesy of Jon Butler/Teles Properties

The wee Northeast LA community of Hermon is in a prime spot next to Highland Park, Montecito Heights, and South Pasadena, and it’s in that tiny neighborhood that we find this two-bedroom fixer-upper, for sale for the first time in four decades.

Built in 1949, the house appears to have undergone some updates over the years but not in recent ones. The best attributes and details of the house appear to have been largely undisturbed: The living room has an entire wall of windows and the house’s bedrooms are spacious and sunlit. In the kitchen, a skylight and white fixtures keep the space bright.

Sitting on a lot that measures about 5,600 square feet, the single-story has a partially brick-paved rear yard that will need some landscaping help but is at least roomy.

A vacant lot next door, under the same ownership as this residence, is also for sale, though it’s not included with the house. The dwelling is listed for $549,000.