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Downsized mixed use complex would bring 242 units of housing to Granada Hills

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Plans for the project once called for nearly 450 apartments and townhomes

Rendering of the complex from the street
An older rendering of the apartment complex, for which plans have been downsized repeatedly.
Via Los Angeles Department of City Planning

A major new mixed use project in Granada Hills is slowly moving toward city approval, though the development has been considerably downsized since it was first proposed in 2016.

Planned for the intersection of Woodley Avenue and San Fernando Mission Boulevard, the project would have two buildings with a combined total of 140 apartments and 102 townhomes, along with 40,000 square feet of commercial space.

The Los Angeles City Planning Commission will hear an appeal of the project this week, which argues, among other things, that the complex would be “too tall and massive” for the low-slung community that surrounds it. Planning staff has recommended that the commissioners deny the appeal.

The project has, in fact, already gotten much smaller since it was first proposed. Earlier plans called for 440 units of housing and nearly 65,000 square feet of commercial space. After hundreds of community complaints about the size of the complex, developer Harridge Development Group proposed no less than five pared down versions of project between January and June—with each iteration containing fewer units and less commercial space.

If the current proposal is approved, the project would rise 45 feet in height and include a total of 465 parking spaces for the apartments, townhomes, and commercial businesses. Amenities for residents would include a swimming pool and spa, patios and courtyards, grilling areas, and a recreational room.

Earlier plans for the project indicated that construction would last about 18 months, allowing the complex to open by 2019. It’s not clear how the reduced size of the development will affect that timeline.