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Metro looking at options to push the Green Line deeper into the South Bay

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It could bring four new stations to the area

The extension would eventually link Torrance to LAX via the Green Line and the automated people mover.
Via Metro

For years, Metro’s had a plan to send the Green Line deeper into the South Bay, to a new Torrance transit center. Now fortified by the voter-approved Measure M sales tax increase for transportation projects, Metro has decided to crank up the heat on the project and consider some new route options, Urbanize LA says.

The 4.6-mile extension of the light rail line, which currently ends at the northern border of Redondo Beach, would allow riders to connect to LAX via the future automated people mover at 96th Street Station.

According to a Metro presentation to the South Bay Service Council, there are two options being considered for the extension. One would travel either along the existing railroad right-of-way called the Harbor Subdivision; the other would follow Hawthorne Boulevard. The latter would link back to the railroad right-of-way either at Artesia Boulevard or 190th Street.

Depending on the route the extension ultimately takes, Metro’s plans would add four new stations to the lengthened Green Line. Regardless of the route, the line would connect to the South Bay Galleria, a proposed transit center in Redondo Beach, and the transit hub in Torrance.

Looking into alternatives for this project is part of an old environmental review process for the project. Metro aims to be have all its outreach done and feedback gathered by the end of this year.