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Dreamy Laurel Canyon hideaway seeks $989K

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“Keeping with the true culture of the Canyon”

Photos by Brinton Bryan
Courtesy of Naz Nowtash/Compass

It’s not all walls of glass and vaulted ceilings in the Hills, especially not in the historically artsy Laurel Canyon. This cozy home is proof.

The charcoal-colored modern cabin, built in 1956, features hardwood floors throughout, and striking emerald green walls in the kitchen—a nice foil to the bright white updated kitchen with a must-have farmhouse sink.

The house is technically a two-bedroom, but the second bedroom, located downstairs, is unpermitted. The master bedroom features handsome wood accent walls, an en-suite bathroom and a connection to the outdoors.

The house is flanked by a brick patio with fire pit and fronted by an ample deck—there’s room for a picnic table!

“Hand crafted by two local artists keeping with the true culture of the Canyon,” the house is asking $989,000.