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Has more illegal work been going on at Mohamed Hadid’s infamous Bel Air megamansion?

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An aerial view of the mansion at 901 Strada Vecchia. Google Maps

A megamansion in Bel Air that had its building permits revoked has apparently added some new, unpermitted features, the Beverly Hills Courier reports.

Neighbors were the first to spot the latest additions to the monstrous house, originally planned by megamansion builder Mohamed Hadid as a 30,000-square-foot spec mansion.

The new elements inside 901 Strada Vecchia include ceiling lights, “detailed woodworking,” and paintings and furniture placed inside the house. Neighbors argued these new elements in the house indicate that work has been continuing on the site—despite the absence of permits to do so.

Residents pressed the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety for information about the possible on-site work, ultimately bringing violations to the attention of the department.

The Courier reports that LADBS General Manager Frank Bush emailed neighbors to say that inspectors has visited the site, and that Hadid “was ordered to disconnect the electrical” additions and remove all the furniture from the house.

Construction on the house has been in something of a limbo since building permits for the house were revoked in 2014. Hadid was ordered to stop work on the property after inspectors found a slew of unapproved additions to the property, including a full story below the basement level. Construction continued anyway.

This summer, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ordered Hadid to perform community service and pay fines for violating building codes while constructing the estate. The house now sits partially built as a result of the permitting issues.