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Seven-story condo project could replace 1920s Koreatown apartments

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It would include 75 new units

View of three apartments at 849 South Fedora Street
The project would bring 75 condo units to 849 South Fedora Street.
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A trio of nearly century-old apartment buildings in rapidly developing Koreatown could soon be razed to make way for a seven-story condominium structure.

Plans filed with the city Friday call for the construction of 75 condos on the project site, located at 849 South Fedora Street, between Eighth Street and James M. Wood Boulevard. Seven of those units would be set aside for residents making under half of LA’s median income. The 76,228-square-foot development would also include 75 parking spaces.

The three apartment buildings that would be demolished as part of the project were constructed between 1917 and 1923, according to property records. Together, the buildings include 10 units. Records show that applications to evict tenants of two of the buildings under California’s Ellis Act were filed in June.

The developer of the project, listed as Fedora Bliss, LLC, is requesting a 37.5 percent density bonus, allowing the project to include 21 additional units beyond what’s allowed under current zoning rules.

If approved, the project would join dozens of other developments on the way to Koreatown—though it would be one of just a few not located on either the Wilshire or the Olympic corridor.