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Inside the colorful bungalow of a ‘The Handmaid's Tale’ star and an ‘Orange Is the New Black’ writer

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How actress Samira Wiley and TV writer Lauren Morelli made Morelli’s house their home

Photos by Emily Berl for
Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Actress Samira Wiley (The Handmaid’s Tale) and television writer and producer Lauren Morelli (Orange Is the New Black) have only been married for seven months, but their Los Angeles bungalow looks like it’s a result of years of work tweaking and perfecting.

The couple’s home, featured in Architectural Digest, was home to Morelli before the couple wed, but it was quickly cleared out. “We started totally from scratch, and it's my first adult home, so it felt really nice to let go of the cheap, gross couch,” admits Morelli.

The house’s vibrant, fanciful design is by Stefani Stein of the interior design start-up Homepolish, who worked with the pair to create a space that incorporates bold elements (the Lips on White wallpaper by Voutsa in the office; an ombre pink wall in the bedroom) with wood, marble, and white walls “which brought a sense of balance to the composition,” Stein explains.

Making design decisions was uncharted territory for both Morelli and Wiley, and they were glad to have a designer steering the ship. "I'm just starting to learn I can have opinions: 'Yes, I love that wallpaper. Yes, I love this,' Wiley says.

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