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World Series: Dodger Stadium draws major traffic

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Clogging Sunset and freeway off-ramps

Dodgers traffic is pretty famous in Los Angeles, so it stands to reason that traffic for the Dodgers’ first appearance in the World Series since 1988 would be no different.

The first game of the series is scheduled to begin just after 5 p.m. today, and Dodger fans have been clogging the nearby streets and freeway off-ramps since about 2 p.m.—miraculous, considering Dodger fans are known for showing up to the stadium late (and leaving early).

Early arrivals to the stadium have a hot welcome waiting for them in the form of record-setting heat.

People who are driving to Dodger Stadium get to sit in air conditioning while they wait in traffic, but for those who’ve opted to avoid traffic and walk, there are reports that LAFD is opening some fire hydrants and attaching special nozzles to create a mist to cool pedestrians.