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180 new apartments planned near Howard Hughes Center

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Another major residential project is planned right next door

View of project site
The project would replace an office building on Sepulveda Boulevard.
Google Maps

A new apartment complex may be headed to Westchester, where development is heating up around Howard Hughes Center.

Plans filed with the city Tuesday call for 180 units of housing distributed across a 160,830-square-foot complex at 6711 South Sepulveda Boulevard (how tall the project would be isn’t yet clear).

The development, which would also include 210 parking spaces, is set to replace an office building near the intersection of Center Drive. That puts the project right next to another proposed apartment building being developed by Sandstone Properties.

The latter project would include 176 apartments and 256 parking spaces in a primarily subterranean lot.

As Silicon Beach continues to creep east, new developments keep popping up in Westchester. Close by the two projects now on the way to Sepulveda Boulevard is the recently completed Altitude complex, which includes 545 units of luxury housing.

Additionally, a major overhaul at the Promenade at Howard Hughes Center mall—now being rebranded as HHLA—is expected to wrap up next year.