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Metro promoting rider etiquette with wacky, Japanese-inspired videos

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Will they inspire people to stop hogging aisle space on buses and trains?

In an effort to make riders more aware of common breaches of public transportation etiquette, Metro has released a new series of big budget public service announcements that—at the very least—are sure to grab people’s attention.

Apparently not content to settle for the conventional TV spots or cartoony posters transit agencies generally use to encourage good rider behavior, Metro recruited Youtube stars Mike Diva and Anna Akana for the videos, which mimic the style of Japanese television production that Diva previously used in a mock Donald Trump campaign ad released last year.

In the ads, a superhero named Super Kind (played by Akana) battles a nuisance-creating one-eyed monster called Rude Dude, singing about considerate ways to ride the bus and train in the meantime.

The agency has been focusing much attention on the rider experience lately, releasing a customer code of conduct earlier this year and cracking down on riders for infractions like eating and drinking on trains or buses, blocking aisles, and seat hogging (or “manspreading”).

According to a post on The Source, Metro is hoping the outside-the-box videos will “be seen by a ton of people, including most of our riders.” Whether the ads will achieve that kind of viral success remains to be seen, but they’re certainly a far cry from the somewhat homemade-looking spots Metro has released in the past.

Take a closer look at the ads below: