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Elegant Hollywood house behind Jim Henson Company Lot asks $1.095M

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Some farmhouse vibes, too

Courtesy of Scott Cook/Architecture 8

Like many houses in Hollywood, this three-bedroom residence off Sunset and LaBrea has a celebrity connection. But in this case, the link is especially cool: According to the listing, the house is “located on the original backlot of Charlie Chaplin's studio.” (Charlie Chaplin’s studio is now Jim Henson Company Lot).

Newly updated, one of the most striking elements of the house is its high, pitched ceilings and exposed wood, which give it a bit of a rustic, farmhouse feel. Those ceilings and the wood-burning fireplace are as rustic as it gets.

The slim kitchen has ample, quartz-topped counter space and stainless steel appliances. The house’s two bathrooms, which also appear updated, feature subway tile and a fair amount of light.

The master bedroom has French doors that open onto the rear yard, where there’s a patio and space for kids or pups to play.

The property is closed off from the street by large “privacy gates,” and also features a driveway and detached garage. It’s listed for $1.095 million.